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Pennsylvania Home Study Requirements for Adoption


Since 2003 Adopt Abroad, Inc. has been helping Pennsylvania families with their adoption and adoption home study needs. Adopt Abroad is a fully licensed, non-profit and Hague accredited child placing and home study agency. Our agency has a wide range of international adoption programs that can offer you a variety of adoption possibilities.

Adopt Abroad also can assist you with an adoption home study regardless of where you live in Pennsylvania. We have caseworkers throughout the state of Pennsylvania including the Allentown, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

Our agency has been providing adoption home study services for families that are seeking to adopt internationally, from foster care, US domestic infant adoption or those who are seeking to adopt a family member. Our experienced adoption caseworkers will help assist you through one of the most important steps in your life, your adoption. We create adoption home studies based on the State of Pennsylvania guidelines as well as the guidelines said by the U.S. State Department of Immigration. Our adoption agency is Hague accredited and we can provide you with a Hague standard home study if you are adopting from a Hague country.

Our adoption caseworkers will meet with you in your home to discuss your adoption needs. The adoption home study is perhaps the first and maybe most important step in your adoption journey. You will be asked to provide various paperwork including background information about you and your family as well as medical, financial information and background checks. Gail Niermann our Pittsburgh based social worker can assist families who would like a faith based approach to their adoption.

The adoption home study is a chance for you to explore your thoughts on parenting and adoption as well as have your concerns and questions addressed. Adopt Abroad can create adoption home studies for families who are working with Adopt Abroad for their child placement needs as well as those who have selected another agency for this portion of the adoption.

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